Herman Miller Aeron Chair Seat Frame

Working from home has meant that we have spent more time than ever sat at our desks beavering away on our laptops. We may have virtual meetings with clients and colleagues, we may have emails to answer, and we may have reports to write.

To ensure that your posture remains healthy, you need an ergonomically designed chair to support your back and cushion your joints. This is where the Herman Miller aeron chair comes into its own. It is a stalwart of office furniture that has remained a design classic for decades. Take a look at why you should consider a Herman Miller chair for all of your home working needs.


Herman Miller is a company that is over a century old, meaning that they use exceptionally high-quality practices to create the Herman Miller aeron size c office chair. With a fully adjustable lumbar support, and a fully loaded aeron with both forward and rear angle tilt locks, you can be certain of a fully customizable seating experience.

If you have back issues and your current high street office chair isn’t cutting it, you need to look to a company with more focus on the health and well being of their customers. Herman Miller go the extra mile to ensure that their aeron classics have all of the features you’d expect such as fully adjustable arms, seat tilt, adjustable height, and pneumatic lift. Comfort is crucial to maintaining excellent posture and sound physical well being. Their steelcase leap chair v2 is a classic piece of furniture for those home offices that require minimalist design.

Go Used

If you are after a bargain Herman Miller aeron chair, think about opting for the used market. Refurbished aeron chairs use official and original parts to recreate the classic aeron chair so that is fit for purpose once again. You don’t have to go forking out for a brand new aeron when you can purchase a used Herman Miller aeron for up to half the recommended retail price of a new equivalent.

Buying used also taps into the ethics of the Herman Miller company that places great emphasis on their environmental advocacy. They go out of their way to design chairs that are built with recycled materials and that can be easily recycled.

Why Aeron?

You might think that you can purchase a cheaper chair that will solve your lumbar issues and help you stay comfortable when sat at your desk. However, the Herman Miller aeron sale at iwantchair.com has made the pricey design classic much more accessible to the masses. Being fully refurbished and using brand new seat foam inserts, you will enjoy a top-quality office chair experience without the hit to your wallet.

We now live in unprecedented times meaning that you will be working from your home office more than you ever have done before. To ensure that you remain comfortable and you can cope with these ever-changing working environments, you need a used Herman Miller aeron to keep you motivated and productive when sat at your desk.